Dunluce Castle

Dunluce Castle, near the northern extreme of Ireland, is a massive ruin with many of its walls still standing. It is situated on a rock pillar, separated from the mainland by a gorge. This is, however, not without its risks. At one point, the cliff gave way taking a portion of the kitchen and several of the household staff with it. Thereafter, the mistress of the manor refused to spend another night in the castle.


As I arrived, it was a perfect day for sailing along the coast.


Dunluce as seen from the approach to the bridge crossing the gorge. In the event of an attack, this funnel leading to the bridge would be filled with cattle which, dead or alive, would foil a cavalry charge.


Another view of Dunluce Castle with fog rolling in from the sea.


Providence provided me with this opportunity for a moody view of Dunluce only an hour after my arrival under a clear sky. Thirty minutes later, the weather was again hot and sunny.


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